New comer in Comocrea, G.Disegni sought immediate visibility among the 22 stands present at Villa Erba, displaying some paintings by an artist from Como vaguely inspired by the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo.
“With a contemporary imprint – Giulio Masciocchi, founder of the textile design studio that opened in Cernobbio two years ago, points out – in such confusion that there is a rush to look for something vaguely authentic and original”.

The designer immediately focused on handmade designs, seeking inspiration from the visual arts.

“We have recently entered the market, I was not lucky enough to experience the golden years where everything were sold easily – he continues – the situation has totally changed, we have to compete with ncreasingly aggressive competitors all over the world. We decided to position ourselves at the top, with collections capable of giving different inputs from those already seen and approved. For this reason we have chosen to work in an atelier that is somewhat reminiscent of the workshops by the craftsmen of the past”.

Of course digital wasn’t out of sight. “Once we have chosen the motif painted on paper or silk – Masciocchi said – we scan the file to better manage its development in production. At that point it is up to the client to decide what he prefers whether digital or handmade printing”.

– Serena Brivio